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Eyebrows wax and tinting

by on 4/3/2018 9:57:44 AM

Very cute salon in short north, staff is wonderful. Sierra does my eyebrow waxing and tinting. I'm very particular about who waxes my eyebrows due to having a few previously bad experiences with so many other salons. She does an absolutely amazing job and is the only person I would ever allow to wax my eyebrows.

Eyebrow Tinting/Waxing

by Samantha Brady on 12/30/2017 2:30:19 PM

My sister, mom and I had a great experience with Sierra. I go to Sierra regularly and she did a great job as usual. Once we got out to the front to pay, the front desk lady began to have an attitude soon as Sierra left to go into the back. My mom asked the lady at the desk “can I have two 10s for change sweetie” and the lady aggressively turned to my mom and raised her voice and said “do not call me sweetie you don’t know me personally”. My mom then said “oh I apologize I’m from the south”. The lady then angrily said “I don’t care where you’re from don’t ever call me sweetie I don’t know you”. She then proceeded to throw the change over the counter at my mom. My sister then asked the lady “do you have this attitude with all of your customers? My mom did not mean any harm by calling you sweetie”. The front desk lady then said in a threatening manner “you don’t want to do this right now” and then said “and I’m not gonna do this right now”. During this time she was looking at my sister very aggressively and refused to take our tip for Sierra so my sister took the tip back personally, but chose not to mention the incident as to not cause more of an issue. I am not sure why we were treated so poorly and why a simple, unintentional comment elicited such a response from someone who is supposed to be representing your salon professionally. However it was a very unnerving experience and did not make me feel welcome to continue coming back to the salon as a regular. I have never seen this lady at the desk before and have never had such a negative experience. Of course I will probably come back because Sierra is great, but I thought it was important to report this incident.