Spray tanning is the best and most sage way to avoid skin damage such as premature aging, sunspots, and skin cancer which can all be caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Our expertly trained staff will apply the South Seas solution with an airbrush gun, by hand, to assure a perfect tan every time.

South Seas Spray Tan $35


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Prepping For Your Spray Tan:

Here are a few quick tips to remember before coming in to get your spray tan:

- Any waxing should be done prior to your to session

 -Exfoliate before your session but do not arrive wearing lotions or oils.

 - Bring a dark swimsuit or undergarments (if you want to be sprayed wearing clothing)

 - Bring loose fitting clothing and flips flops to wear after your session

-After your spray tan, avoid showering, swimming, or perspiring for 8 hours to allow for optimal color