Online Appointment Booking

SalonVision provides two options to take appointments on your website. By default, your SalonVision website is a request system, but if you pair it up with a live data access service for the Envision or Integrity Edge software, it becomes a live real-time online booking system.

If you already have your own website and want to use our online booking service from within a page on your site, it is possible to embed our booking system into your current website. Please contact us for instructions.

Our Facebook online booking app is included for free with either option.

appointment booking

Real-time Booking

If you are an Envision or Integrity Edge software user with the live data access service, your website and Facebook app will talk to your software in real-time, providing live booking and appointment scanning, up to date services and employees, and your gift certificate sales and new client registrations will be immediately entered into your software.

Online Booking Requests

If you do not use a live data access service, your SalonVision website will work as an email request system. From your administration panel on the website, you can add employees, services, company information, and link the services to the qualified employees.

When a new client visits your website, a gift certificate is purchased, or an appointment is requested, the studio will receive an email with all the details.